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EcoStream’s Operations

EcoStream is a privately held, growth-oriented Texas company with offices in Midland and Dallas, Texas. EcoStream owns and operates assets providing full fluids management and services for upstream energy producers. Our senior team has a long track record of experience in oilfield water and waste stream management.

Midstream Approach to Water Management

EcoStream provides reliable sourcing, collection, transportation, treatment, recovery, reuse and disposal services to meet the needs of E&P customers for managing flowback and produced water. We also manage a fleet of trucks hauling water and crude oil to ensure prompt, uninterrupted service. We seek to collaborate with producers to reduce their costs by improving efficiencies and logistics. EcoStream is actively pursuing additional acquisitions, new produced water pipeline construction, and greenfield development of long-term contracted solutions.

Hydrocarbon Recovery

EcoStream operates multiple fully credentialed reclamation plants for the recovery of oil and natural gas liquids from tank bottoms, process fluids, disposal wells and other sources, and processes it to create usable crude. We are committed to strategies for maximizing both water and oil reclamation and minimizing environment impact.

Corrosion rates for production and storage tanks vary from 0.05 to 3.0mm per year. This level of corrosion can reduce the service life of the tank from one to twenty years, and corrosion accounts for 60% of all maintenance costs. Working with EcoStream to manage your tank bottoms will reduce metal corrosion, providing a significant savings on tank replacement and maintenance.

Learn More About Our Team

As an additional service, EcoStream offers technical consulting for customers to improve their operations. Our experience differentiates EcoStream from companies new to the water management segment, and we have a proven track record.


24/7 Operation to Meet the Needs of Customers

EcoStream facilities are staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week, year-round. Our experienced technicians offload trucks quickly and efficiently to enable drivers to quickly get back on the road. Speed, safety and quality of service are important to our customers, and they are priorities for us.

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Transloading Facility

Houma, Louisiana